Meghan Dowd
Meghan Dowd founded Open Space Studio in 2009. She was inspired to create a studio environment in Fairfield that offered a full schedule of yoga and fitness classes through a dedicated team of teachers.  A Fairfield native, Meghan gained a deeper appreciation of Hatha-based yoga practice while living in Los Angeles from 2001-2008. Her teaching style draws from extensive practice at Power Yoga in Santa Monica with Bryan Kest, Anusara-based yoga at Still Yoga in Silverlake, and Hot House Yoga in Iowa City. Her classes are suitable for All Levels and offer a creative intuitive blend of Vinyasa and Hatha. All classes aim to refresh, balance, and enliven and to bring individuals into a more peaceful comfortable experience as themselves.

Jnanada Palladino

Devoted Mother, Spiritual Seeker, Yoga
Instructor… Jnanada’s yoga journey began in
2009 after studying Massage Therapy at the
Universal College of Healing Arts. She is
dedicated to teaching others how to integrate
body, mind and spirit through yoga and
bodywork. Since receiving her 200 TTC at the
Omaha School of Yoga, she has pursued her
passion to study the roots of yoga as a holistic
system and to incorporate such knowledge into
her classes. Jnanada’s classes integrate mantra,
pranayama, and meditation with asana.
Jnanada’s VInyasa classes combine traditional
flows with unique, innovative flows that deeply
emphasize body and breath alignment as a
means to tap into divine energy and to create a
transcendental, healing experience.
It is her deepest passion to rediscover and
restore the original purpose of yoga as a
practical means of Self-discovery accessible to

Narayani Om

Narayani’s journey of mind-body-spirit integration

began nearly three decades ago. She’s been actively
serving in this field ever since.
In 1994 she completed training in London in a

broad range of remedial and therapeutic body/ener-
gy-work modalities. She received her 200-hour yoga

teacher training certification with Sivananda Yoga
Vedanta Academy in 2000, then spent three years
traveling; living in their ashram-centers in order to
deepen her personal practice and teaching skills.
Narayani incorporates into her classes a unique
blend of different practices she’s studied. She focuses
on deep breath awareness, body alignment, and
holistic balance and integration of the Self.
Narayani offers a restorative and hatha-flow practice
that leaves her students feeling rejuvenated, relaxed
and centered.

Sasha Luse

Sasha first fell in love with movement as a method to self / life discovery through the Theater/Dance Department at Luther College, which based its curriculum in somatic psychology. The Somatic framework seeks to bridge the mind-body dichotomy. Seeing the vast and rich offerings, she filled up on as many movement courses as were offered. Beyond college, she sought ways to continue to go deeper into movement, as a tool for growth and found the tradition of yoga as a practical way to bring more movement into our 21st century lives. She studied at Free Style Yoga Academy, In Iowa City and received her 200 hour Teaching Certification.
Sasha’s deepest interest in yoga is helping develop more connection to the self, as the benefits of doing so are unending.
The journey of diving into the self is ever opening into more and more, and so it is with yoga. Yoga is the practice of meeting yourself. it is the union of the limited and the unlimited self.

Zara Colazio

Zara grew up in the mountains of Northern Colorado, horseback riding, hiking, and enjoying the outdoors. She completed her 200-YTT in Longmont, CO in the fall of 2014 and since then has taught a wide variety of classes including vinyasa, hot yoga, YogaSculpt, yoga for equestrians, and yoga for athletes. Zara came to Fairfield to study Ayurveda at MUM and graduated in 2018. She is passionate about balancing the body holistically through movement and nutrition.

Zara’s classes are dynamic, challenging, and fun. Come prepared to sweat and dedicate some time to yourself.

Selena Lael Magram

Selena has been passionately studying yoga & transformational work for over 20 years.  With her rich background, her offerings incorporate guided meditation, mindfulness, emotional freedom & more for transformation of body, mind, emotions & spirit. She is deeply committed to serving others in their transformation, joy & freedom, as well as her own growth & evolution. She holds certifications in Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Dance Instruction, Spiritual Life Coaching & more.