Vinyasa Flow

Explore the dynamic practice of Vinyasa yoga! These classes feed the souls of both novice and adept practitioners alike- inviting modifications while innocently exploring and building toward more advanced poses. These classes provoke relaxation while simultaneously building strength through breath and body connection. Nourish your body, mind and soul with one of our Vinyasa Flow classes.


Gentle Hatha

Gentle Hatha classes take you through a series of relaxing and dynamic poses that foster a connection with breath and body.  Classes begin with gentle floor stretches and move into deep, opening poses that are broken down in order to attain optimum alignment- allowing a complete experience of each asana. This is a great class for beginners but is equally as nourishing for experienced Yogis.


Slow Flow 

Slow Flow is an **all levels, flow based class that encourages fluid, graceful movements mindfully weaved together with breath. Classes incorporate modified Sun Salutations, deep stretching and flowing transitions.


Shakti Vinyasa

Rooted in vinyasa with a hint of soulful dance, Shakti Flow is both invigorating and meditative. Transitions are strung together with breath and students are encouraged to find fluidity and movement within standard poses. Classes move through sun salutations and many standing and balancing sequences to challenge the body and mind.



Relax, let go and breathe in Restorative yoga. Restorative yoga utilizes props to hold gentle poses that allow a slow opening and relaxing of the body. Poses are held for several minutes with the eyes closed. Open to anyone and everyone!